Deciphering online dating profiles

You probably have some indication of what traits you’re looking for in a partner and know what type of person attracts you physically.Most people have some concept of their “must have’s” and “deal breakers.” To be successful online, you need to be honest with yourself first—what areas are you willing to compromise on?Additionally, not everyone is good at talking—or writing—about themselves and yet, it’s hard not to judge someone who has bad grammar, can’t spell, gives a terrible description of themselves or can’t accurately express what they’re looking for in a relationship or partner. If we examine why people choose online dating, we’d likely find a lot of similar reasons: they’re too busy, organic connections are less common, and they can put as much or as little effort into online dating as they want. However, many people go into online dating with some pre-conceived ideas.Knowing what you hope to find can be half the battle, but it can be easy to fall into the trap of being overly judgmental when perusing the hundreds of profiles in front of you.These are things that you need to know for yourself so that you know what areas you’re willing to make compromises on when seeking a partner, and what areas are essential to your overall happiness.

Her interests will tell you much more about who she is.If this one doesn’t work out, there’s a hundred more where they came from, right?But, what if one of those people you dismiss automatically could be your ideal match given the chance?An online profile can offer only so much information about a person and usually you can decipher from a first date if an attraction exists or if you feel that someone is worth getting to know further.Similarly, people have been known to have chemistry via text or email only to find out that the same isn’t true once they meet in person.

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